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Pixalate Week in Review: October 31 - November 4, 2022

Nov 4, 2022 4:30:00 PM

This week's review of ad fraud and privacy in the digital advertising space:

Pixalate’s Q2 2022 Invalid Traffic Benchmarks Report: 28% Ad Fraud Rate Across Apple and Google Apps, CTV Ad Fraud at 19%

Pixalate - Q2 2022 IVT Benchmark Report

Pixalate released the Q2 2022 Invalid Traffic Benchmarks Report, a comprehensive examination of the global state of ad fraud in the first half of 2022 in the top two CTV (Roku, Amazon Fire TV) and mobile (Apple, Google) app stores.

The research study revealed 2x more ad fraud in Q2 2022 on Roku apps without app-ads.txt vs. with app-ads.txt; IVT rates were 16% on Roku devices and 17% on Amazon Fire TV devices.

Download the Report

Pixalate’s Q3 2022 Delisted Connected TV (CTV) Apps Report: Roku Purges 1,636 CTV Apps, 4.5X More than Q2; Estimated $3MM in Programmatic Ad Spend on Delisted Apps

TO BE REVIEWED - Pixalate - Q3 2022 Delisted CTV Apps Report

Pixalate released the Q3 2022 Delisted CTV Apps Report, containing insights about CTV apps removed from the Roku and Amazon apps stores. The analysis helps developers and advertisers recognize potential threats of privacy and compliance breaches.

Pixalate analyzed more than 45k CTV apps across the Roku and Amazon Fire TV app stores, and found that nearly 1.6k were delisted in Q3 2022 — an increase of 452% compared to the 339 delisted in Q2 2022. Amazon Fire TV delisted 49 apps, a 14% increase since last quarter. These delisted apps comprise 4% of all active CTV apps across both stores.

Download the Report

MediaPost: Pixalate Study Finds Chromecast Devices Riskiest for Ad Fraud in Q2 2022


MediaPost cited Pixalate's new research on global invalid traffic trends for Q2 2022. The article states:

"The average overall global ad-fraud rate in open programmatic buys was 19% in this year’s second quarter, according to Pixalate’s latest invalid traffic (IVT) global benchmarks analysis.

That was actually lower than all but four of the quarters since Q1 2020, although up compared to last year’s second (14%) and first (17%) quarters."

MediaPost: 1.6k Roku apps delisted in Q3 2022


MediaPost summarized Pixalate's analysis and findings surrounding the delisting of CTV apps. The research showed a big jump in delisted apps (1,600) across the Roku store.

"The number of connected TV (CTV) apps delisted across the Roku and Fire TV app stores increased by 452% in this year’s third quarter, as compared to the same quarter in 2021, according to the latest analysis by Pixalate."

FTC Files Complaint Against Online Ed Tech Company Chegg

Schoolgirl researching online with the guidance of her teacher

The New York Times detailed a new legal complaint the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) filed against education tech company Chegg for exposing the data of 40 million users.

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