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Media Agencies Critical to Fighting Fraud. How Goodway Group Reduced Their Ad Fraud to <1%

Jalal Nasir
Jul 8, 2016 10:52:53 AM
MediaPost’s recent article, "To Beat Ad Fraud, Everyone Must Play Their Part" exhorts all players in the digital advertising eco-system to “play their part” in beating ad fraud. While useful as a rallying call for standard methodologies, transparency and accountability, the article fails to address how agencies can contribute aside from building reputable creative, managing cost expectations, and post-campaign analysis. This a reactive posture and suggests media buyers are helpless to participate from a preventive perspective.

Rather than relying solely on partners and vendors, agencies should utilize fraud monitoring and mitigation solutions to ensure the integrity of their buys BEFORE making them.

Goodway Group
, a Pixalate partner, is at the forefront of tackling ad fraud from the media buying side. Using our Media Ratings Terminal, they review and assess the quality of their supply ecosystem in a pre-bid environment, determining security before transacting a buy. And, they have seen remarkable results: a reduction of fraudulent traffic to less than 1% in their media buys. This kind of aggressive commitment to combating fraud promises their clients’ ad dollars are not wasted.

On July 6, Goodway Group announced the launch of an advanced anti-fraud initiative based on the results of a comprehensive review of their supply ecosystem for invalid traffic and user anomalies measured through our Media Ratings Terminal. As a result of this study, Goodway removed 13 questionable supply sources and saw significant improvements in conversion rates, viewability and pricing. MediaPost shared these results in their Real-Time Daily publication.

Goodway additionally hosted a webinar to discuss this initiative, and how it achieved its impressive results. A replay can be found on Goodway’s blog. We encourage all actors on the digital marketing stage to watch this webinar.

Goodway Webinar Screengrab
We congratulate Goodway Group in successfully mitigating ad fraud, and call on all media planners and buyers to join the fight with the same diligence and vigilance. Only if we all pro-actively work together, can this challenge be overcome.

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