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Pixalate Introduces New Monitoring Tools

Jalal Nasir
Jun 17, 2016 7:03:19 PM
As we continue our mission of providing solutions that enable the advertising technology community to monitor and mitigate against ad fraud, we have added some new reporting features to our tool kit.

Monitoring all forms of invalid traffic, from general to sophisticated, is the first step in understanding how and what types of fraud are being committed. In order to further support this key phase, we have added Invalid Traffic (IVT) metrics to the Fraud and Non-Fraud reports in our Analytics Dashboard.

Dashboard FLAT

Overall Invalid Traffic (IVT), Sophisticated Invalid Traffic (SIVT) and General Invalid Traffic (GIVT) percentages are now accessible via the Analytics Dashboard.

  • IVT % measures the share of overall invalid traffic as specified in the MRC guidelines.
  • SIVT/GIVT % measures the overall share of the two IVT categories respectively as specified in the MRC guidelines.

GIVT: General Invalid Traffic
Identified through routines and list-based means of filtration; bots, spiders, other crawlers, non-browser user agent headers, and pre-fetch or browser pre-rendered traffic.

SIVT: Sophisticated Invalid Traffic
Identified through advanced analytics, multipoint corroboration, human intervention; hijacked devices, ad tags, creative, adware, malware, and misappropriated content.

By monitoring these rates this closely, our clients and partners have another means to ensure the safety and integrity of their networks. These metrics have also been added to the DAILY NON-HUMAN TRAFFIC EMAIL ALERTS we provide our clients, so they have constant insight in to how their networks are performing.

Overview FLAT

Pixalate has added reporting metrics to provide yet another weapon in the fight against ad fraud.

Mobile ad fraud now constitutes a significant share of all fraud. As consumer mobile adoption continues to grow, so does the focus of fraudsters intent on disrupting and damaging advertising services on those devices.

To support our client’s efforts in fighting the mobile fraudsters, the daily summary reports we provide them now feature rankings on the quality of app and device quality.

  • Valid App IDs
  • Unidentified App IDs
  • Fraud App IDs
  • Valid Device IDs
  • Unidentified Device IDs
  • Fraud Devices

Top Apps FLAT

All of these measures now offer additional weapons in the fight against ad fraud.

If you want to learn more, contact us!

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