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Pixalate Week in Review: October 1 - 5, 2018

Oct 5, 2018 4:24:00 PM

This week's review of ad fraud and quality in the digital advertising space.

1. RhythmOne Q&A: Ad fraud within mobile apps


Tyler Loechner, Marketing Manager at Pixalate, sat down with RhythmOne’s Karim Rayes, Senior Vice President, Products and Business Development, to discuss the unique challenges of battling invalid traffic (IVT) within mobile apps.

"The greatest challenge is that today’s fraudsters are using highly sophisticated, ever-evolving tools to replicate in-app consumer behavior," said Rayes. Read the whole Q&A.

2. Mobile ad fraud: What is mobile app laundering?


In this post, Pixalate explains mobile app laundering, a type of mobile ad fraud and Sophisticated Invalid Traffic (SIVT) that costs advertisers millions of dollars. The mobile in-app landscape is rife with invalid traffic (IVT), with mobile ad fraud rates nearing 25%. Mobile app laundering is one of the most advanced ways in which fraudsters are stealing mobile app ad budgets.

3. Marketers struggle to understand ad tech


"In a July 2018 survey of 800 brand and agency marketers worldwide conducted by Warc, agency respondents said that their lack of understanding of available technologies is the biggest impediment to greater investment in marketing tech," reported eMarketer. "Brand respondents reported that confusion of the technology is the second biggest obstacle preventing them from investing more in marketing tech."

4. Uber takes programmatic buying in-house


Uber is now running most of its media buying in-house, reported Digiday. "For Uber, the decision wasn’t about saving money but rather a desire for ownership and a transition in how they were advertising," wrote Digiday. "Uber also hasn’t had the best experience in the agency world," the article added. "In September 2017, Uber filed a suit against Fetch, alleging the Dentsu-owned mobile ad agency misrepresented how effective its media buys were and purchasing nonexistent and fraudulent ads for Uber."

5. MediaMath says it will drop supply partners that game auctions


"MediaMath will stop buying from supply partners that play auction games, preferring to create an economic incentive for fair, transparent programmatic auctions and put an end to auction manipulation," reported AdExchanger. MediaMath this week sent a letter to its 50 directly-integrated supply partners, per the article.

"The letter asks the exchanges to sign a document with a 13-point checklist of behavior they pledge to avoid," AdExchanger noted, "The checklist prohibits behavior such as bid caching and misuse of the wrapper, sending duplicate bid requests, masking domains or adding data to the bidstream."

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