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Case Study: Tappx teams with Pixalate to improve mobile in-app ad quality

Feb 26, 2019 6:00:00 AM
Pixalate will be at Mobile World Congress 2019 to update you on the latest trends in mobile app ad fraud, which is threatening the growing mobile ad spend in Europe. Per eMarketer, mobile ad spend in the EU-5 and Western European is expected to rise over 17% in 2019.
Mobile Ad Spending Growth

Tappx, a mobile app advertising platform, recently partnered with Pixalate to increase the quality of its platform without sacrificing reach.

We are showcasing our success together at MWC 2019 with this case study.See the Case Study

Our mobile in-app case study covers:

  • Why Tappx chose Pixalate, a mobile-first partner
  • How Tappx implemented Pixalate's tech to block ad fraud
  • The tangible results of Tappx's dedicated anti-ad fraud strategy
Download the full case study.

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