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Webinar: CTV Ad Fraud Prevention: Learn How Pixalate Helps Amazon DSP Customers Protect Against Fraud

Apr 22, 2022 11:00:00 AM

Last week, Pixalate Vice President of Business Development, Calvin Scharffs and Vice President of Product Management, Amit Shetty, held a webinar concerning how Pixalate helps Amazon DSP customers protect against ad fraud.

Watch the entire webinar here.

Presented by:

  • Amit Shetty, VP of Ad Fraud Platform, Pixalate
  • Calvin Scharffs, VP of Business Development, Pixalate

How Pixalate helps Amazon DSP fight ad fraud

  • Schraffs described how these products are now compatible with Amazon DSP: “Beginning January 2022, Amazon DSP clients now have the opportunity to protect their ad campaigns when using Amazon DSP with Pixalate’s ad fraud blocking technology. One thing that's unique to Pixalate’s product is that it covers apps that have been delisted from the Google Play and Apple app stores in the last six months.”

Scharffs pointed out that “ad fraud is a very, very big deal,” adding that of the over $200 million spent on digital advertising in 2021, according to AMA and Juniper “about $59 billion was lost to ad fraud. So Pixalate as a company is squarely in the middle of helping to protect and stop those bad actors from getting that money and being a part of that bad ecosystem.”

Shetty described the issue at hand that advertisers face:

      • There's a range of types of GIVT (General Invalid Traffic), some kinds are easier to detect and some more difficult. “I do want to point out that the reason why this is important is that it is a $59 billion problem, and it really is something that you need to think about across the industry, right? And that's the reason why players like ourselves and others are in the space. It is a real challenge that we have to go through.”
  • “This method of adding these pre-bid filters helps to prevent fraudulent activity. In theory what it should do is give you better traffic and more validated traffic and increase not only your return on ad spend, but your Amazon Cost of Sale costs and click through rates.”

Pixalate is excited to offer this new service during a free trial period for Amazon DSP customers. After the trial period has ended, there will be a nominal CPM fee added.

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