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WebEye partners with Pixalate to reduce mobile in-app ad fraud

Apr 10, 2019 6:00:00 AM

WebEye, a leading mobile in-app advertising solution in Asia, has partnered with Pixalate to guard against ad fraud across its exchange. The company needed to scale its programmatic advertising business by ensuring clients had access to high-quality, fraud-free inventory.

According to Pixalate’s latest data, global mobile in-app invalid traffic (IVT) rates were 23% in Q4 2018 — making it paramount for mobile advertisers to be well-protected against fraudulent attacks. 

WebEye is addressing ad fraud head-on, and its partnership with Pixalate marks an evolution in WebEye’s multi-layered anti-fraud measures.  Pixalate provides up-to-the-minute protection to ensure that WebEye runs the highest quality ad exchange.

WebEye utilizes Pixalate’s pre-bid IP list and pre-bid Bundle ID list to block over 90% of IVT across its platform. WebEye also uses Pixalate’s real-time reporting API to identify and immediately block newly-emerged fraud types. Post-bid activities are also examined for suspicious indicators. 

“Preventing ad fraud requires a multi-pronged approach. Pixalate offers pre-bid blocklists to stop fraud at the source and post-bid analytics to keep it out of the ecosystem,” said Amy King, VP of Product Marketing at Pixalate. “Mobile in-app advertising can be a minefield of fraud, and our solution helps advertisers navigate the landscape to surface high-quality inventory.”

“Pixalate effectively blocks Sophisticated Invalid Traffic (SIVT) and General Invalid Traffic (GIVT), keeping the already assured exchange cleaner,” said Michael Xu, CEO of WebEye. “Furthermore, Pixalate’s Fraud Management System indicates how and where new fraud sources come through, enabling WebEye’s AI engine to improve its anti-fraud mechanism.”

Through its cooperation with Pixalate, WebEye advances further in optimizing traffic quality in mobile advertising and building a healthy mobile ecosystem. For more information, please visit www.webeyemob.com


WebEye is one of the largest digital marketing companies that provide comprehensive advertising & publishing solutions for mobile games / APPs. It leverages AI technology and big data to reach, acquire users and monetize for its partners. Its self-designed programmatic platform which ranks top in Asia targets 1+ billion people across 200+ countries and purchases quality audience for cross-screen campaigns. 


Pixalate is an omni-channel fraud intelligence company that works with brands and platforms to prevent invalid traffic and improve ad inventory quality. We offer the only system of coordinated solutions across display, app, video, and Connected TV/OTT for better detection and elimination of ad fraud.

Pixalate is a Media Rating Council, Inc. (“MRC”)-accredited service for the detection and filtration of sophisticated invalid traffic (SIVT) across desktop and mobile web, mobile in-app, and OTT advertising. www.pixalate.com 

Disclaimer: Pixalate’s opinions expressed in this release are just that opinions not facts or guarantees. Per the MRC, “'Fraud' is not intended to represent fraud as defined in various laws, statutes and ordinances or as conventionally used in ... legal proceedings, but rather a custom definition strictly for advertising measurement purposes;” and also per the MRC, IVT “is defined generally as traffic that does not meet certain ad serving quality or completeness criteria, or otherwise does not represent legitimate ad traffic that should be included in measurement counts. Among the reasons why ad traffic may be deemed invalid is it is a result of non-human traffic (spiders, bots, etc.), or activity designed to produce fraudulent traffic.”

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