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Pixalate Launches First Security Hardware Appliance for Advertising

Aug 8, 2016 7:17:00 AM

Pixalate, Inc., the leader in fraud protection and data intelligence, today introduced the Pixalate Security Threat Intelligence Dome, the industry’s first hardware appliance that prevents fraud from reaching programmatic advertising systems. Security Dome, part of the Pixalate Fraud Intelligence Platform, connects to the Pixalate Global Fraud Threat Intelligence Cloud to identify and block 100 percent of known fraudulent inbound requests. Unlike pre-bid systems that rely on evaluating impressions during bidding and optimization, Pixalate blocks fraudulent activity outside the network. As a result, supply quality is drastically improved, which allows brands, exchanges, networks, supply-side providers (SSP) and demand-side providers (DSP) to focus on business-imperative bidding and optimization activities.

“Ad fraud is a complex security problem that cannot be solved with verification tactics; it needs a purpose-built security solution,” said Jalal Nasir, CEO of Pixalate. “The introduction of Pixalate Security Dome Threat Intelligence Appliance marks a paradigm shift towards solving the fraud problem with a security solution by delivering the first hardware appliance that enables organizations to thwart sophisticated attacks from ever reaching ad systems, prior to the processing of programmatic transactions.”

Marketing organizations have identified ad fraud as one of their top concerns and are struggling to ensure the reliability of ad inventory. Today, when nearly three-quarters of all advertising is purchased through programmatic channels, fraud is a systemic problem that is depriving the legitimate marketplace of billions of dollars. In fact, the growing frequency and sophistication of ad fraud will cost advertisers more than $6 billion in 2015.

The Pixalate Fraud Threat Intelligence Platform is a cost-effective and scalable hardware or virtual appliance for marketing organizations that ensures the legitimacy of their advertising transactions. This enables brands, exchanges, networks, DSPs and SSPs to best reach their audience across display, mobile, native and video ads without concern of fraudulent activity. And as Pixalate offers its Fraud Threat Intelligence Platform as a hardware appliance, organizations can manage all of their campaigns for one low cost.

"As one of the fastest growing mobile advertising platforms, Airpush is constantly making efforts to decrease fraud and maximize quality of inventory. Leveraging Pixalate Fraud Intelligence Platform was key in removing fraudulent impressions and publishers. Based on our efforts, Airpush inventory quality is now among the best in the industry,” said Cameron V. Peebles, Chief Marketing Officer, Airpush.

Pixalate Security Dome
The Pixalate Security Dome dramatically improves the legitimacy of purchases by removing 100 percent of known fraud before it ever reaches programmatic advertising systems. Based on actionable insights from the Global Fraud Threat Intelligence Cloud, Pixalate enables organizations to block botnets, DDOS attacks, malware, phishing attacks, compromised IPs and URLs, suspicious proxies and other malicious activity before bidding and optimization activity begins. As the Pixalate Security Dome blocks malicious activity before it reaches ad systems, customers benefit from improved bandwidth utilization and scalability to handle a greater amount of legitimate ads. The Security Dome is a groundbreaking hardware appliance that gives marketing organizations the ability to work faster, smarter, and more cost-effectively and efficiently.

Pixalate Global Fraud Threat Intelligence Cloud
Pixalate Global Fraud Threat Intelligence Cloud provides actionable insights about fraudulent activity based on the analysis of more than 100 billion global impressions each month – crawling 15 million domains and evaluating 350 million IPs each month. This analysis provides historical data and real-time fraud intelligence that is delivered to the Pixalate Security Dome, which helps brands, exchanges, networks, SSPs and DSPs respond more effectively and efficiently to fraudulent activity. The five fraud-intelligence feeds include:
IP reputation – identifies known IP addresses associated with malicious or compromised devices
Anti-phishing/malware – identifies Internet domains found to be associated with malware or phishing activity
Blacklisted user agent— identifies bots such as search crawlers that leverage user agents
Proxy gateway – identifies proxies, TOR nodes and network gateways used to hide real IP addresses
Blacklisted domain – identifies blocked domains associated with previous malicious activity

Pixalate Fraud Threat Intelligence Platform Availability
Marketing organizations can purchase the Fraud Threat Intelligence Platform hardware appliance, which includes all five fraud intelligence feeds. Customers can also purchase the Fraud Threat Intelligence Platform in a virtual form factor or deployed as-a-service. In addition, customers can purchase the different fraud intelligence feeds individually for a flat fee. Lastly, the company offers a free IP reputation feed that is updated on a monthly basis, providing a list of the worst offenders of fraudulent activity. The Fraud Threat Intelligence Platform is available now.

For more information, please visit: http://pixalate.com/appliance/
For the Fraud Threat Intelligence Platform data sheet, please visit: http://pixalate.com/global-threat-intelligence/
For the Real-time Cyber Threat Map, please visit: https://www.pixalate.com

About Pixalate
Pixalate, Inc. is a leading global intelligence platform and real time-fraud protection provider. Pixalate is a Media Rating Council certified vendor for display ad viewability. For more information, visit www.pixalate.com.

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