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Pixalate's MRC Accreditation(s)

Welcome to Pixalate’s MRC Accreditation home page. Refer to the below details and the section’s child pages to find answers to common questions: (1) Pixalate’s overall involvement in the MRC Accreditation process, (2) Pixalate’s current MRC Accredited Measurement Areas, (3) Pixalate’s MRC Accredited Metrics, and (4) Pixalate’s MRC Accredited Server-Side-Ad-Insertion SSAI Measurement Metrics.


What Accreditation Means

The Analytics Platform of Pixalate, Inc. has been accredited by the Media Rating Council (MRC) across various measurement metrics and MRC Accredited Measurement Areas since 2015. To merit continued MRC accreditation of the Service, Pixalate, Inc.:

  1. Adheres to the Council’s Minimum Standards for Media Rating Research, and any applicable measurement guidelines issued by the Interactive Advertising Bureau and the Mobile Marketing Association;

  2. Provides full and complete information to the Council regarding all details of its Analytics platform operation(s);

  3. Conducts its measurement service substantially in accordance with representations to the subscribers and the Council; and, 

  4. Submits to, and pays the cost of, thorough annual audits of the Service by CPA firms engaged by the MRC.

In addition to sizable annual audit charges, Pixalate, Inc., provides office and file space for MRC auditors, as well as considerable staff and computer time involved in various aspects of these inspections.

Further information about MRC’s accreditation and auditing procedures can be obtained from:

George W. Ivie - Executive Director - Media Rating Council, Inc.

420 Lexington Avenue, Suite 343 - New York, NY 10170

Email: staff@mediaratingcouncil.org

MRC Site Homepage: www.mediaratingcouncil.org 


Pixalate Disclaimer - Products

Invalid traffic, viewability and other designations that may be present in applicable Pixalate products and materials, including Pixalate Analytics, Pre-Bid Blocking Lists, and Media Rating Terminal, reflect Pixalate’s opinions with respect to factors that Pixalate believes may be useful to our clients. While grounded in Pixalate’s proprietary technology and analytics (which Pixalate evaluates and updates continuously), these designations are merely Pixalate’s opinions (i.e., neither facts nor guarantees). 

As used in the applicable Pixalate products and materials, and: (i) per the MRC, the term “'Fraud' is not intended to represent fraud as defined in various laws, statutes and ordinances or as conventionally used in U.S. Court or other legal proceedings, but rather a custom definition strictly for advertising measurement purposes;” and (ii) per the MRC, “'Invalid Traffic' is defined generally as traffic that does not meet certain ad serving quality or completeness criteria, or otherwise does not represent legitimate ad traffic that should be included in measurement counts. Among the reasons why ad traffic may be deemed invalid is it is a result of non-human traffic (spiders, bots, etc.), or activity designed to produce fraudulent traffic.”