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Stirista Squares Off Against Fraud in Programmatic CTV and Digital Media Buying through Pixalate Partnership

Mar 27, 2024 9:15:00 AM
This is a republication. See the original press release here.


Multi-Year Pixalate Partnership Enables Stirista to Combat Ad Fraud in Connected TV (CTV) and Display For More Confidence in Impressions and Post-Campaign Analysis

SAN ANTONIO, March 26, 2024 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Stirista, the leader in data-driven marketing solutions, announced today its successful multi-year collaboration with Pixalate, the market-leading ad fraud protection, privacy, and compliance analytics platform. Through the Pixalate partnership, Stirista has been able to take an aggressive, proactive approach to ad transparency achieving high records of fraud prevention for programmatic media buying, including CTV and display.

Stirista and Pixalate's partnership has expanded to support political marketers in the current 2024 presidential election cycle to enable secure, trusted media campaigns during the election cycle where fraud is often rampant.

By partnering with Pixalate, Stirista can offer its clients a reliable Invalid Traffic (IVT) detection and bot filtration system to ensure impressions are legitimate. Pixalate holds Media Rating Council (MRC) accreditation for the detection and filtration of IVT across CTV, mobile app, mobile web, and desktop.

"Over the course of the past three years in working with Pixalate, we have become known as the anti-fraud CTV media buying platform as we continue to fortify trust, transparency and loyalty within the industry," said Aaron Grote, VP of Digital Products, Stirista. "We look forward to continuing the partnership with Pixalate as they introduce new capabilities into their platform."

Stirista's CTV-first programmatic solutions and Pixalate's advanced ad fraud detection and prevention tools afford marketers and their agency counterparts the ability to optimize their advertising strategies while minimizing risk.

"We're encouraged by Stirista's commitment towards cultivating ad transparency," said Christine Rex, Director of Public Affairs at Pixalate. "Our partnership offers customers ease of mind to launch campaigns in an ecosystem built on efficiency and trust."

About Stirista
Stirista is a data-driven marketing technology provider that combines the power of authoritative identity data with the execution of omnichannel marketing. Through its data and customer-centric approach, Stirista is helping Fortune 500 and mid-market brands increase brand loyalty and acquire new customers. Stirista's privacy compliant data insights helps clients interact with customers and prospects via digital, email and social channels. For more information, please visit http://www.stirista.com.

About Pixalate
Pixalate is a global platform specializing in privacy compliance, ad fraud prevention, and digital ad supply chain data intelligence. Founded in 2012, Pixalate is trusted by regulators, data researchers, advertisers, publishers, ad tech platforms, and financial analysts across the Connected TV (CTV), mobile app, and website ecosystems. Pixalate is accredited by the MRC for the detection and filtration of Sophisticated Invalid Traffic (SIVT).


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