Requesting a Re-Evaluation of Information in the Media Ratings Terminal (MRT)

May 24, 2021 4:30:00 AM

If you are a Publisher and believe that information presented in our Media Ratings Terminal (MRT) is not current or requires re-evaluation, you may submit a request to have it reviewed by the Pixalate support team. 

What is the Media Ratings Terminal?

Pixalate’s Media Ratings Terminal (MRT) offers unique granular insights across mobile/connected TV (CTV) apps and desktop/mobile web domains. The MRT platform organizes and presents data elements from a variety of sources, including app store profiles and registration data, along with Pixalate analytics data (e.g., invalid traffic (IVT) levels, brand safety risk, share of voice, etc.) and supply quality ratings.

In the MRT, what information can be re-evaluated or updated?

  • Developer information, such as:
    • Name
    • Address
    • City
    • Country
  • IAB Categorization
  • Presence of the following: 
    • App-ads.txt
    • Terms and Conditions
    • Privacy Policy
  • Flagging of Incentivized Activity
  • Social Media Engagement by supplying URLs for the following platforms:
    • Facebook
    • Linkedin
    • Twitter
  • Brand Safety Risk

The following opinions can be re-evaluated but, because these are derived from ad transactions that Pixalate monitors and analyzes through our various integrations, they require significant consultation and diligence prior to any potential modification.

  • IVT %
  • Viewability %
  • SSAI %

How may requests for re-evaluation of MRT information be submitted?

We provide the ability to submit a request for re-evaluation through the MRT directly. This requires that the app is claimed, and the information on how to claim an app can found here.

In certain sections of the MRT, a pencil icon is displayed, which may be clicked to bring up a feedback window where one may specify details regarding requests.

What happens after submission of a re-evaluation request?

Once the Pixalate support team receives a request for re-evaluation of opinions or updates to information from the verified owner of the app, it will be placed in a queue. 

Requests to update information that may outdated or otherwise incorrect and that can be validated independently (e.g., presence of privacy policy, terms and conditions, app-ads.txt) are anticipated to result in more rapid resolution compared to requests that may require detailed analysis of the bases for IVT % opinion or brand safety opinion verifications. 

In those cases, our representatives may reach out to gather more information and to propose a plan for further diligence of opinions relating to ad impression measurements and other determinations. These procedures are designed to enable us to perform root cause analyses and, where appropriate, provide targeted recommendations tailored to a publisher’s specific circumstance.

To follow up on a submitted request, please email

What are the possible re-evaluation outcomes?

Requests to update non-current or otherwise incorrect information that can be validated independently will likely result in resolutions generally consistent with the request. Please note, however, that it may take some time for our systems to update and propagate the data but these should resolve relatively quickly and with minimal follow-up interactions. 

For requests that require detailed analysis of data underlying opinions tied to Pixalate’s MRC-accredited metrics, please note that our opinions will not be modified during the period while we perform diligence (which may include interactions with the requester) to fully understand and assess the factors that contributed to the rating or grade received.

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