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Claim Your App, Access a Publisher Diagnostic Report, and Improve Your Score

May 24, 2021 4:30:00 AM

If you are a Publisher and would like to claim ownership of an app or apps in the Media Ratings Terminal (MRT), you may submit a request (which will then be vetted thoroughly by the Pixalate support team). 

What is the Media Ratings Terminal?

Pixalate’s Media Ratings Terminal (MRT) offers unique granular insights across mobile/connected TV (CTV) apps and desktop/mobile web domains. The MRT platform organizes and presents data from a variety of sources, including app store profiles and registration data, along with Pixalate analytics data (e.g., invalid traffic (IVT) levels, brand safety risk, share of voice, etc.) and supply quality ratings.

What are the benefits of claiming an app?

Claiming ownership of an app or a set of apps in the MRT offers the following key benefits:

  • Access to Publisher Diagnostic Reports: The Publisher Diagnostic Report is a free emailed report and the first step toward knowing and understanding your scores and ranking in Pixalate’s Publisher Trust Index (PTI). It includes customized suggested remediation steps to potential issues identified by Pixalate that may be negatively contributing to the app’s overall score in the PTI. 
  • Escalated Data Update and Re-Evaluation Requests: If you are a Publisher and believe that information presented in our Media Ratings Terminal (MRT) is not current or requires re-evaluation, you may submit a request to have it reviewed by the Pixalate support team. Learn more here.

How are claims of app ownership submitted?

In order to claim ownership of an app or a set of apps in the MRT, sign up for a free account at https://account.pixalate.com/signup

After registering, visit your app’s details page and a button to “Get Your Report” should be available. Clicking this button will redirect you to a form where you may submit pertinent info that will be reviewed thoroughly by the Pixalate support team. 

Who can submit an app ownership claim?

To expedite the review, employees that are Director-level or higher are encouraged to submit the ownership claim and to provide as many details on the form as possible. 

What happens after submission of a claim request?

Once the Pixalate support team receives a claim request, it will be placed in a queue. Our representatives may reach out to gather more information to help validate your claim. We will endeavor to process claims expeditiously, but the volume of claims recently submitted to the queue will affect resolution times. 

After the claim has been reviewed and approved, a Publisher Diagnostic Report will be delivered to the email address on record.

To follow up on a submitted request, please email support@pixalate.com.

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