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Pixalate Releases Q3 2018 Ad Fraud Report

Jan 17, 2019 9:23:42 AM

Pixalate has released the Q3 2018 Ad Fraud Report, a comprehensive analysis of programmatic traffic quality and the state of invalid traffic (IVT) across desktop, mobile web, and mobile in-app advertising.

Q3 2018 Ad Fraud Report key takeaways:


  • The United States has the fourth-highest ad fraud rate in the world; in Q3 2018, 17% of programmatic ads (across all devices and ad types) served in the United States were invalid
    • Only India (34%), Indonesia (30%), and Australia (20%) had higher IVT rates among countries in the top 15 in terms of programmatic ad volume
  • Mobile in-app remains the riskiest. Global mobile in-app ad fraud rates were 17% in Q3 2018, while some subsets — such as smartphone in-app video (22%) — had even higher IVT rates
  • For video advertising, smartphone in-app (22%) and tablet in-app (19%) were the two riskiest environments

Inside the Q3 2018 Ad Fraud Report you’ll find:

  • Ad fraud by country
  • Ad fraud by device type
  • Display vs. video
  • Tablets vs. smartphones
  • Android vs. iOS
  • Ad fraud by mobile app categories
Download the Report

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