Exclusive Supply Ratings

Building a high quality, low fraud platform across inventory sources is challenging. Media Ratings Terminal is the only complete dashboard for finding ideal supply at scale. Our software gives you the exclusive app and site insights needed to craft an ideal, scaled platform that meets your individual marketing standards.

Cross-team software with supply ratings across 500 metrics for effective pipeline growth and risk analysis

For apps and sites that includes: Overall Risk, Traffic, Capabilities, Brand Safety, IVT, Display Viewability, Inventory Size, Seller SOV
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Complete Ratings
Over 1.5MM apps and 80MM domains included
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Broad Coverage
Available for bringing app and site ratings directly into your platform
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Powerful APIs
Complete Global, Mobile and Video Listings
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Full Seller Trust Indices
That enables you to upload your unique platform of apps and domains
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Custom Dashboard
Such as whether the app or site has incentivized or user generated content
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Specialized Content Ratings
With no integration work needed
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Whitelists / Blacklists

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Only with Pixalate’s Media Ratings Terminal

Grow scale while reducing risk using the only transparent media ratings software that enables you to vet apps or sites quickly and easily.
Upload your inventory for a custom dashboard that rates your apps and sites across over 80 metrics, including brand safety, IVT, display viewability, reach and more.
Expert supply reviews that bring together exclusive insights, app store data, and additional sources for comprehensive quality ratings.
Exclusive Trends Reports show app and site performance over time so that you stay on top of the ever-changing app risk ecosystem.

Media Ratings Terminal By the Numbers

Pixalate’s Media Ratings Terminal brings you unique, granular app and domain ratings. We bring together 3rd party sources, such as app store profiles or registration data, along with Pixalate analytics, like IVT levels and share of voice to give you supply quality ratings for secure platform growth.


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Number of mobile
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Accreditations and Recommendations

Pixalate is the only company MRC accredited for OTT IVT detection and we hold more MRC accreditations than any other media quality company. While we take pride in our many accreditations, it’s our clients’ standards that matter to us most:

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