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Whitelisting Policy


While working with Pixalate, you may encounter instances when IP addresses, domains, and apps may need to be whitelisted for the purposes of testing or for any other business process. Pixalate offers a couple of workflows to accomplish this wherein one would require a deeper level of information gathering through a standard Google form while the other will require outreach via your Customer Success representative to enlist the aid of a Data Scientist or Analyst to approve the whitelisting request.  

SSAI Server IPs

For whitelisting requests involving Server-side Ad Insertion (SSAI) Server IP addresses, requests should be funneled via this form which is periodically reviewed by Pixalate staff and translated into internal tickets for further investigation. 

The first part of the form is a set of questions that the customer needs to answer for Pixalate staff to evaluate the IP whitelisting request.

The second part of the form requires the customer to provide a spreadsheet with IP Addresses which will undergo a review process by Pixalate Data Scientists and, upon approval, will be evaluated by Pixalate's measurement and verification algorithms as known SSAI servers. Impression measurement and verification will be conducted appropriately.

The assigned Customer Success manager will relay updates to the entity requesting the whitelist whether the request is approved or denied, along with context on the decision. 


For all other whitelisting requests, please reach out to your Customer Success representative to get the process started.