Product Releases Feb-May 2022

Check out our product updates to the Media Ratings Terminal in February through May 2022.

Releases 3.18.0, 3.19.0, 3.19.4, 3.19.5, and 3.20.0

Media Ratings Terminal Product Releases

Slack Plugin for Media Ratings Terminal

Users can now quickly look up essential information in the Media Ratings Terminal without having to leave Slack. Simply add The Media Ratings Terminal Slack App to your instance of Slack & lookup any bundle ID, App ID, domain name.

Check out the Knowledge base for instructions: 

COPPA Compliance Tools: Child-Directed App Insights

Protecting children’s privacy in a complex ad tech environment has been made more simple with Pixalate’s new AI-technology & expert informed methodology. Pixalate has automated the assessment of an app’s intended audience, as likely to be child-directed or general audience. All visitors to App Insights pages can now see Pixalate’s assessment of an app’s intended audience. 

You can find additional information about how Pixalate’s products help mitigate COPPA violation risks & the methodology here.


Include or Exclude Spoofing for Downloads

Using the “Include Spoofing” toggle within the CTV Discovery tool allows users to analyze an app’s data with or without impressions that Pixalate have designated as spoofed impressions. 

Including or excluding spoofed impressions change in baseline of the data used for many metrics within the Media Ratings Terminal. In which case, there are two versions of data for each app, one with spoofed impressions and one without spoofed impressions. 

When downloading the data via CSV/JSON, the download will respect the toggle selection in the UI. If a user has “Include spoofing” toggled on, the download will return two rows of data for each app to represent the app’s data both with and without spoofed impressions. If “Include spoofing” is toggled off, the downloaded results will include online one row of data per app, representing the app’s non-spoofed impressions only. 


Media Ratings Terminal: Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • "Account Settings" page Not loading and with errors from "" home Page
  • CTV Discovery - Facets values not matching with actual Grid Results
  • Privacy Policy result display error, update to red alert for "No"
  • HasAds Flag recalibration for Mobile MRT
  • Error message CTV PTI click to App Insights Page, 'Backend service unavailable"
  • N/A is not properly handled by COPPA badge
  • Roku & Fire TV Store Category Filter Label vs. Filter are misaligned/incorrectly displayed
  • Mobile Discovery Grid breaking with App-ads.Txt Column
  • Insights Page from PTI Page not loading for Earlier Months (App & CTV) and showing errors
  • CTV Discovery - Store Categories Label not updating on Store Switch
  • Revise the title "App Age Rating" to "Content Rating" in the COPPA widget
  • Revise the title "Personal Info Access:" to "Sensitive Permissions" in the COPPA widget
  • Move the COPPA Audience badge to be first from the left on the App Insights pages
  • Revise COPPA Audience icons to blue color in MRT/App Insights pages and keyword search tool result tiles
  • Make COPPA Audience badge click to jump navigation down to COPPA widget
  • Remove tooltip and secondary header from COPPA widget title bar
  • Update link for methodologies URL in the new COPPA widget
  • Revise COPPA Audience badge design to match the COPPA widget design
  • Add app store category to appDetails in insights details response
  • Update Pixalate Advisories for COPPA to include new "Critical" rating & new name COPPA Violation Risk
  • Add "Critical" risk rating to COPPA Violation Risk Discovery filter selection options
  • Add "Critical" risk rating to COPPA widget
  • Fix Seller icon sizes - breaking Domain Insights Authorized Seller Section
  • Discovery: Add the word "Subdomain" to Include / Exclude dropdown in Domain discovery
  • Discovery - CTV Device "Fire TV" is missing in Account Preferences
  • Domain Insights - Missing "priceBidHigh" in Authorized Seller Section and Rounding issues
  • CTV Insights - Incorrect Pagination in Channels Section
  • CTV Insights broken - Region as "North America" instead of NA in URL from Discovery
  • Using North America filter in Discovery (CTV) causes error for Jan 2022 data

… and more to make your experience better. Thank you for reading our product update, we value your continued feedback. 

Releases 3.18.0, 3.19.0, 3.19.4, 3.19.5, 3.20.0