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IVT Escalations and non-client third-parties

Pixalate follows a strict policy as to what data can be provided to non-client third parties when a formal support agreement is not in place.

However, we recognize cases when these entities may need to escalate IVT-related outcomes as well as other inquiries and there is a process in place to address such concerns.

Pixalate has established a standard inbox (help@pixalate.com) to facilitate the intake of these requests. This is designed to ensure the appropriate Pixalate personnel are notified and made aware of such contact and facilitate the appropriate internal escalation/resolution steps.

An "External Inquiry Request" form is also available for the inquiring entities after the outreach has been done in case they choose to pursue a formal request. 


Once submitted, the request will be reviewed and investigated but please be aware that the ETA for these requests are significantly longer for third parties and we are limited in terms of analysis and recommendations we can provide.