Getting Started with the Pixalate Ad Trust and Safety API Suite

How to use the Ad Fraud and Enrichment APIs - part of the Ad Trust and Safety API Suite

Interested in using our Ad Fraud or Enrichment API? The following steps will get you on your way:

STEP 1: Sign up

You need an account on our platform to get API keys and use our API. You can create an account using your email address, or you can use your Google or LinkedIn accounts to sign up to our platform. Click on the “Get API Key” button anywhere on our website.


STEP 2: Go to My Account

Once you have created your account, login (if necessary) and click on the “My Account” link to go to your account details page.

STEP 3: Copy your API Key 

Copy your API key found on that page

STEP 4 : Use the API!

Paste and use the API key in the API you are interested in utilizing in your app!

For more information and sample code on using the individual APIs, please visit the API docs (Ad Fraud or Enrichment) section for more information.


Using the SDKs: 

We have included SDKs for Android and iOS to make it easier for you to use the Pixalate Ad Trust and Safety API in your mobile apps. View the video below for a quick overview of how to use the SDK, but please visit the SDK docs section (Android or iOS)  for more information.