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COPPA Use Cases

Learn more about how the COPPA Compliance Tools can help you navigate the risks associated with Children's Online Privacy Protection Act.

For Legal & Privacy Officers within the ad tech industry:

  • Strengthen protection against COPPA regulatory actions by auditing your own internal COPPA compliance mechanisms using Pixalate's COPPA audience assessment and risk rating data feeds.
  • Minimize monetary and brand reputation losses with proactive auditing and real-time monitoring of likely child-directed apps in your ad / inventory network and your potential COPPA risk exposure based on your campaign traffic.
  • Empower your legal teams to enact COPPA specific frameworks with insight into an app’s likely intended audience, privacy policy, and data collection permissions.
  • Search privacy policies for COPPA related keywords for comprehensive investigation of an app’s compliance standards.

For Supply Side Platforms (SSPs), publishers, and exchanges:

  • Real-time monitoring of your network’s exposure to likely child-directed apps via our Analytics dashboard & compliance reporting.
  • Streamline likely child-directed app review: scale and supplement your manual review process by leveraging our automated COPPA Audience & Risk analysis.
  • Identify which specific apps and publishers in your network carry the highest concentration of risk for potential COPPA violations.
  • Use our COPPA Audience data feeds to automate pre-bid workflows for likely child-directed apps.
  • Investigate an individual app’s compliance practices using the COPPA related data points in the Media Ratings Terminal.
  • Confidently onboard publishers to your network by analyzing their COPPA audience and violation risk using the Media Ratings Terminal.
  • Use your own keyword list to assess an app’s content & intended audience, search for & generate a list of apps with those keywords.

For Demand Side Platforms (DSPs), ad buyers, and advertisers:

  • Generate targeting lists by searching & filtering +8.5MM apps according to potential COPPA risks and the app's audience assessment.
  • Leverage the COPPA Violation Risk data feed to block risky inventory from your campaigns.
  • Audit your COPPA framework: Post-bid campaign analytics reveal your risk exposure and provide actionable insights to reduce vulnerability in your advertising campaigns & inventory sources.
  • Use Data feeds for COPPA Audience and COPPA Violation Risk to automate pre-bid workflows. 

For more information about how you can benefit from Pixalate's COPPA Compliance Tools, schedule a demo here.


Pixalate’s COPPA Compliance Tools render opinions that Pixalate believes may be useful to our clients and others in the digital media industry. It is important to note, however, that the mere fact that an app appears to be directed to children (e.g., data subjects under 13 years of age, as defined by the COPPA Rule) does not mean that any such app, or its operator, is failing to comply with the COPPA Rule. Further, with respect to apps that appear to be child-directed and have characteristics that, in Pixalate’s opinion, may trigger related privacy obligations and/or risk, such assertions reflect Pixalate’s opinions (i.e., they are neither facts nor guarantees); and, although Pixalate’s methodologies used to render such opinions are derived from a combination of automated processing coupled with significant human intervention, no assurances can be – or are – given by Pixalate with respect to the accuracy of any such opinions.