About the Media Ratings Terminal

Pixalate's Media Ratings Terminal is accessible to our clients via a UI that gives the end user granular insights into websites and Connected TV and mobile apps. It provides IVT data, viewability data, traffic sources, trusted sellers, the overall risk of working with that publisher, and much more.

The following features are available:

  • Insight - Domain/App intelligence; facilitates the compilation of domains/apps into a single list (e.g., inclusion lists/exclusion lists) based on various criteria;

  • Discovery - Domain/App intelligence at an aggregate traffic level; informing decisions on a global/regional basis across discrete data points;
  • Search Bar - Explore apps and domains across title/ID, app content and privacy policy keywords 

  • Publisher Trust Indexes - The new CTV & Mobile App quality ratings for the programmatic supply chain are based on Pixalate’s benchmark analysis of over 5 million apps across the Google, Apple, Roku, and Amazon app stores.
  • Seller Trust Indexes - Seller Trust Indexes (Global/Mobile/Video) and Quality Indexes (Domain/App) informing inventory/ad spend decisions.