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Pixalate's Global Publisher Trust Index

The ad industry's first Mobile & CTV app ranking system based on quality

Pixalate's Publisher Trust Indexes provide 200+ unique Pixalate Top 100™ rankings for mobile & Connected TV (CTV) apps based on Pixalate’s analysis of over 5 million apps and 35+ app categories across the Google, Apple, Roku, and Amazon app stores.


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The Pixalate Top 100™ Apps

The Publisher Trust Indexes surface the top mobile & CTV apps based on quality & brand safety metrics.


Top 10 Android apps

1) g7 Spotify

2) unnamed-9 Sudoku

3) unnamed Hair Challenge

4) unnamed-10 Pandora

5) g4 Fox News

8) g8 Tubi

7) unnamed-11 Spades Free

8) unnamed-2 Hulu

9) unnamed-12 AccuWeather

10) unnamed-13 Candy Crush Saga

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Top 10 iOS apps

1) a8 Photo Collage

2) 512x512bb-13 Candy Crush Soda Saga

3) a10 Spotify

4) a1 The Weather Channel

5) 512x512bb-14 Ultimate Guitar

6) unnamed-13 Candy Crush Saga

7) a5 Sonic Dash

8) 512x512bb-15 Trivia Crack

9) unnamed-2 Hulu

10) 512x512bb-16 NFL Fantasy Football

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Top 10 Roku apps

1) r1 Hulu

2) r2 Sling TV

3) r4 fuboTV

4) f7 CNNgo

5) ccca121ae79a90fe779d801e7401bf9923b608a950df06380e656153c364aaf5-2 HappyKids

6) 2ba15ffa7bb0511d525cabd6baded70424af79417c8d1918743e440b41e20756 Fox Sports

7) 32b6f05b2b2aefa4eef69f2bd2fc778facd910bfa65de4e3af9bb383457fe747-2 A&E

8) 1655102701139f28ed28522d06a1e03f2222af5b9d3f99d277d6d32463027afc Free Cartoons Zone

9) a7a5a33b3364bb5bf467bc8dd0ffeda3e8c7dd5bc8e1b9ccfa7ac21528edfa9e Nickelodeon

10) ef0bf2e243c3e77700688986d4a740f6bd2bf767df4186c83056ee0c090e0534 Aaron's Animals

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Top 10 Fire TV apps

1) f1 Hulu

2) f2 Philo

3) 61LVJFXYqaL-2 discovery+

4) f3 fuboTV

5) f4 Sling TV

6) f7 CNNgo

7) 31nva1RZz3L._AC_US200_.png-2 CTV

8) 51yFNv-AVOL-2 AT&T TV

9) f8 Frndly TV

10) 7bddb3cddfb092effe49214f1f292d0a552e4dcfc5e600a0ee55971007d1076f Bally Sports

See the Pixalate Top 100: Fire TV

Industry Voices

Hear from industry experts on the benefits of the Publisher Trust Index, a new ad industry standard for publisher quality. 


“As ad spend on channels like CTV grows by leaps and bounds, advertisers need greater transparency into their programmatic buys. At Verizon Media, trust and transparency are paramount, and insights like Pixalate’s new CTV and mobile app ratings help drive further visibility into the programmatic ad supply chain.”

Patrick McCormack
VP, Global Partnerships, Yahoo



“I’ve worked in the advertising industry for 20 plus years, and the Publisher Trust Index that Pixalate is introducing will truly be a game-changer. As a company that is laser focused on maximizing the CTV space, we need a resource like this to make sure that we’re operating with the highest quality insights possible. Many industries have already taken massive steps toward increasing transparency, and Pixalate is helping to drive that with this new offering."


Jerrold Son
Executive Director, Ad Operations, XUMO



“Pixalate’s Publisher Trust Index, and its free Publisher Diagnostic Report, are a great toolset to help identify invalid traffic for mobile and CTV app publishers. Understanding the problem is the first step in stamping it out. The Pixalate reports bring transparency to ad-related quality issues, and we’re excited to partner with them.”


François Zolezzi
Head of Supply Quality, Criteo



“Connected TV and mobile app advertising are both growing, but for buyers to fully embrace the potential opportunity, we need to enhance access to high-quality, brand-safe inventory. Pixalate’s Publisher Trust Index is an important tool for advertisers that want to expand their CTV or mobile app footprint beyond a handful of household names. These rankings will shine a light on the broader portfolio of premium apps that can deliver on the programmatic promise of scale and efficiency.”

Eric Bozinny
Senior Director, Marketplace Quality, PubMatic



“The Publisher Trust Index brings additional transparency to the ever-expanding mobile app and CTV ad marketplaces. Giving publishers the ability to self-assess and verify quality-related issues like ad fraud free of charge will be one of the most disruptive forces of good to hit the advertising industry in some time.”
Gabriella Stano-Aversa

Gabriella Stano-Aversa
Director of Strategy and Planning, AdColony




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