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Supply Chain Object Validation Report

The Q4 2023 Supply Chain Object Validation Report contains insights from Pixalate’s OpenRTB SCO validation process, which examines programmatic advertising supply paths across Connected TV (CTV), mobile apps, desktop as well as mobile web and measures Invalid Traffic (IVT) rates, including ad fraud, across all the supply paths analyzed.

Key Findings

  • 25% of traffic with SCO in Q4 2023 did not pass Pixalate’s validation check
  • 34% market share decrease in SCOs marked as ‘incomplete’ from Q1 to Q4 2023
  • 32% market share increase in SCOs that do not pass validation from Q1 to Q4 2023
  • SCOs with longer chains (3 nodes of more) had an average IVT rate that was 80% higher compared to shorter chains (1-2 nodes)
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