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Preventing fraud for only a portion of your campaign does little to reduce risk or grow ROI. Pixalate’s pre-bid Blocking is the only solution that prevents invalid traffic (IVT) across display, in-app, video, and OTT channels coming from 1.5 million apps, 80 million domains and 75 million OTT devices. You execute confidently as we block over 35 types of IVT to give you full protection.

Our view beyond campaign volume gives us scale that we turn into accuracy for you

Only solution with full in-app, video, and OTT pre-bid prevention
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Omni-channel Protection
Only Pixalate blocks over 35 types of IVT across 6 areas: IPs, Device IDs, Domains, Apps, User Agents, Data Centers
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Greatest Fraud Coverage
You can choose your preferred blocking level for for each IVT source
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Custom Risk Selection
We give you granular metrics such as: Bundle ID, Device ID, Fraud Type, IP, and Probability
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Evidence-based Detail
We use a suite of coordinated, proprietary algorithms and cutting-edge modeling technology for superior IVT fraud determination
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Leading Fraud Identification
We offer both daily-updated lists and our Fraud API, which provides up-to-the-minute protection
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Realtime APIs
We offer block list delivery via FTP lists as well as APIs depending on your needs
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Cost-effective Options
Use with Analytics to see the direct impact each block list had on lowering your IVT
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Complete Fraud Management

Omni-channel Advertising
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Only with Pixalate’s pre-bid Blocking

Reduce brand risk while growing your ad ROI with the only pre-bid GIVT and SIVT blocking solution that works across every channel - display, in-app, video and OTT.
Guard against emerging fraud methods with six advanced block lists that prevent fraud at the user, publisher, ad, and network levels
Blocking needs differ by client and campaign, we offer flexible scoring options that enable you to choose your preferred risk level by channel or IVT source
Know where you need to block more effectively by using Blocking with Analytics as a complete Fraud Management System shows where, when and how new fraud sources are coming through

Media Company Uses Pixalate to Successfully Block Fraud

A large media company wanted each of their properties to increase their supply value by promising best-in-class inventory quality with the lowest possible rates of IVT. To accomplish this, they partnered with Pixalate to:
  • Use our Fraud API to send Pixalate a real-time feed of the activity across their pages, enabling us to learn from their users and give them custom, precise IVT analysis
  • Implement Pixalate’s Fraud Tag, a flexible, easy-to-implement tag that blocks ads from serving to invalid users
  • Apply the Fraud API learnings to the Fraud Tag for real-time, 1st-party-data-based blocking - the industry’s leading detection-to-prevention feedback loop
Pixalate’s IVT determinations were fed not only by observed, first-party data, but backed by our learnings across 1.5 million apps, 80 million domains and 2.5 billion mobile devices. This detailed picture of the fraud ecosystem, combined with real-time client data analysis, enabled the client not only to lower their current IVT rates, but also to increase their inventory value by promising (and delivering) higher quality, lower risk media.

Accreditations and Recommendations

Pixalate is the only company that is MRC accredited for OTT SIVT detection and filtration. We are accredited for 17 metric areas across desktop, mobile web, in-app, video and OTT.

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