Omni-Channel Risk Detection

Pixalate’s Analytics enables you to transact confidently using a scaled, omni-channel platform for fraud, brand safety, and display viewability. We monitor over 1.5 million apps, 80 million domains, and 75 million OTT devices - detecting over 35 types of invalid traffic (IVT) across display, in-app, video and OTT formats - to give you the industry’s only complete coverage platform.

Our view beyond the campaign gives us scale that we turn into accuracy for you

Only solution that works across Display, In-App, Video, and OTT
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Our advanced, tested technology detects fraud across your valuable OTT/CTV advertising.
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OTT/CTV Analytics
Slice and dice across 500 metrics, such as IVT type, display viewability, ad performance
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Transparent Dashboard
Assess the direct impact each block list had on lowering each IVT type
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We analyze data beyond just campaign-based activity across 2.5 billion mobile devices, 75 million OTT devices and 80 million domains, giving us the scale needed to accurately diagnose fraud
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At Scale
Custom APIs available, custom saved reports, customizable dashboard views
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Post-bid analysis for over 35 types of IVT coming from 4 source levels
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More Fraud Types
Log-level data available to deliver as evidence to your partners
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Only with Pixalate’s Analytics

Better diagnose display viewability, brand safety and fraud issues with unique, omni-channel detection technology that analyzes over 10 billion pages and 1.5 million apps across every stage of the ad process.
Monitor how well your fraud efforts are working, what invalid traffic (IVT) types you are exposed to and where new sources originate using the only solution accredited by the MRC for OTT SIVT detection and filtration, as well as 16 other metric areas.
Block invalid traffic more effectively with post-bid analytics dashboards and APIs that show where, when and how new fraud sources are coming through.

Accreditations and Recommendations

Pixalate is the only company that is MRC accredited for OTT SIVT detection and filtration. We are accredited across 17 metric areas, including:
  • OTT: Video SIVT detection and filtration; video served ad impressions;
  • Mobile In-App: Video and display SIVT detection and filtration; video and display served ad impressions; display viewability
  • Mobile web: Display and video SIVT detection and filtration; display and video served ad impressions; display viewability
  • Desktop: Display and video SIVT detection and filtration; display and video served ad impressions; display viewability
Click here for the complete list of Pixalate’s MRC accreditations.

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