Product Release - November 2021

Check out our product updates to the Analytics platform & Media Ratings Terminal.

Analytics Product Releases

 Supply Path Optimization (SPO)

Pixalate has launched an industry first Ad Fraud Supply Path Optimization product built on top of the IAB Tech Lab’s Supply Chain Object standard. This enables users of the Analytics Dashboard to view their traffic through the lens of their supply paths and provide insights into the impact of the supply paths.

SPO Reports : View across full path & Path Complete flag

SPO Reports: Dimensions

SPO Reports : View across hops


   Compliance Reports Added to Analytics

Our Analytics Dashboard has been augmented with some data from our Media Ratings Terminal (MRT) product, enabling you to view analysis of privacy and brand safety compliance information regarding your traffic. We have specific reports for Mobile, CTV, and Web traffic.

To view these reports, simply go to the Compliance and Brand Safety sections on the left panel of the dashboard. 

Compliance Report


Media Ratings Terminal Product Releases


   Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Revised COPPA flags for apps with not enough data to show as N/A
  • Top AdSize calculation updated to reflect share of impressions in app
  • Page structure optimization for faster load times
  • Fixed Pixalate logo redirect to the homepage 
  • SEO optimizations
  • Improved sidebar highlighting
  • Messages for no results on the Rankings pages are now more clear

… and more to make your experience better. Thank you for reading our monthly update, we value your continued feedback.