Product Release - July 2021

Check our product update to learn what we improved with the 3.1.0 release.

Update 3.1.0

Introduction of COPPA Permission Risk in Ratings

We opened access to the COPPA Compliance Risk for both Anonymous and Freemium users. Now you can see the app's Overall Risk and potential factors that might pose a risk of breaching COPPA rules, including the revealed Privacy Policy indicator.


Access to the MRT Ratings and Insights without logging in

We have exposed more data points to all users. However, if you would like to follow the app and gain a more comprehensive overview of all kinds of data we offer, you need to sign up and create a login.


Open up Brand Safety risk in overview section 

Now you can see Brand Safety risks in the overview segment. We indicate three levels of risk from app description and content. To gain comprehensive Brand Safety analysis, you need Enterprise access.

Trusted seller insights available without logging in

Another improvement for Anonymous and Freemium users. In the App Details section, you can now find the app's Trusted Seller and check insights about it. 

Open up Overall and IVT Traffic Overlap Trends 

We revealed Overall and IVT Traffic Overlap Trends for Anonymous and Freemium users. You can find both in the Traffic Trends section. 

Bugs Fixed

 Enterprise Permissions not being respected 

 CTV sidebar missing entries 

 Sign Up - Confirm Password is not validating

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