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February 2023 CTV IVT Overlap Report


Pixalate’s February 2023 CTV IVT Overlap Report provides valuable insights into the Roku and Amazon Fire TV Connected TV (CTV) apps with the most invalid traffic (IVT) overlaps with other apps.

Key takeaways from the report:

  • IVT Overlap reports help focus IVT reduction efforts to apps that may be targeted by botnets
  • HGTV Go, VH1 and Xumo among Amazon Fire TV apps apparently targeted, with up to 50% shared IVT traffic
  • How To Travel, TechZone and Aana Oop among Roku apps apparently targeted with over 50% shared IVT traffic
  • ...and more!
In case you missed it, find out more in the February 2023 CTV IVT Overlap Blog

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