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Desktop and Mobile Web IVT Benchmarks Report


Pixalate's Desktop and Mobile Web Invalid Traffic Benchmark Report for Q3 2023 analyzes the invalid traffic (IVT, including ad fraud) rates for open programmatic advertising on desktop, mobile and tablet websites as of Q3 2023.

Key Findings - Desktop Web

  • 12% desktop web IVT rate in Q3 2023
    • Firefox Browser (25%) had the highest IVT rate in Q3 2023 among top 5 desktop web browsers
  • APAC (15%) reported the highest desktop IVT rate among all global regions
  • Traffic from India (32%) reported the highest desktop web IVT rate for any country

Key Findings - Mobile & Tablet Web

  • 10% global mobile & tablet web IVT rate in Q3 2023
  • Xiaomi mobile devices deemed most vulnerable for mobile web IVT (17%) 
  • LATAM (13%) reported the highest mobile web IVT rate among all global regions
  • U.S. and UK among lowest mobile web IVT rates at 9% & 8%, respectively
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