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Pixalate is the market-leading fraud protection, privacy, and compliance analytics platform for Connected TV (CTV), Mobile Apps, and Websites.

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Ad industry's first COPPA Compliance Technology by Pixalate
Pixalate Introduces Ad Industry’s First COPPA Compliance Technology to Identify Child-Directed Apps in Google and Apple App Stores
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Pixalate x Amazon DSP
Amazon DSP Enables Pixalate Pre-bid Ad Fraud Blocking on Amazon Owned-and-Operated and Third-Party Supply
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Made for Advertising (MFA) Websites Report - Q1 2024
Q1 2024 MFA Websites Ad Spend Report: 10% of Global Open Programmatic Ad Spend Went to Likely MFA Sites in March 2024, 12% in North America, Followed by EMEA (8%), LATAM (8%), and APAC (6%)
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Our Customers

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Pixalate Top 100TM Indexes

Pixalate's Publisher Trust Indexes provide 200+ unique Pixalate Top 100™ rankings for Connected TV (CTV) and Mobile apps based on Pixalate’s analysis of over 5 million apps and 35+ app categories across the Google, Apple, Roku, and Amazon app stores.

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Use Cases

The programmatic supply chain poses a significant trust and safety issue for both ad buyers and sellers. Pixalate provides the data and insights across Connected TV (CTV), Mobile Apps, and Websites for privacy, compliance, risk, rankings, and more to bring transparency, quality, and trust to the open web.

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Our Media Ratings Terminal Discovery tool sheds light on millions of web properties, analyzing 2 Trillion data points a month across Connected TV (CTV), Mobile Apps, and Websites, providing privacy, compliance, risk, app details, traffic, brand safety, and more to bring transparency, quality, and trust to the open web.

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Programmatic Analytics

Pixalate’s Analytics enables you to transact confidently using a scaled, omnichannel platform for fraud, brand safety, and display viewability. We monitor over 5+ million apps, 80 million domains, and 300+ million OTT devices - detecting over 35 types of invalid traffic (IVT) across Connected TV (CTV), Mobile Apps, and Websites - to give you the industry’s only complete coverage platform.

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Ad Fraud Blocking

Pixalate’s pre-bid Blocking is the only solution that prevents invalid traffic (IVT) across Connected TV (CTV), Mobile Apps, and Websites from 5+ million apps, 80 million domains, and 300+ million OTT devices. You execute confidently as we block over 40 types of IVT to give you full protection.

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We love our customers and are proud to partner with leaders across programmatic advertising.


As ad spend on channels like CTV grows by leaps and bounds, advertisers need greater transparency into their programmatic buys. At Yahoo, trust and transparency are paramount, and insights like Pixalate’s new CTV and mobile app ratings help drive further visibility into the programmatic ad supply chain.


Patrick McCormack

Patrick McCormack
Vice President, Global Partnerships at Yahoo

I’ve worked in the advertising industry for 20 plus years, and the Publisher Trust Index that Pixalate is introducing will truly be a game-changer. As a company that is laser-focused on maximizing the CTV space, we need a resource like this to make sure that we’re operating with the highest quality insights possible. Many industries have already taken massive steps toward increasing transparency, and Pixalate is helping to drive that with this new offering.
Jerrold Son

Jerrold Son
Executive Director, Ad Operations at XUMO

Connected TV and mobile app advertising are both growing, but for buyers to fully embrace the potential opportunity, we need to enhance access to high-quality, brand-safe inventory. Pixalate's Publisher Trust Index is an important tool for advertisers that want to expand their CTV or mobile app footprint beyond a handful of household names. These rankings will shine a light on the broader portfolio of premium apps that can deliver on the programmatic promise of scale and efficiency.
Eric Bozinny

Eric Bozinny
Senior Director, Marketplace Quality, PubMatic

MRT offers Criteo access to critical insights helping us evaluate brand safety signals and maintain our quality standards across our in-app supply globally.

Francois Zolezzi

François Zolezzi
Head of Supply Quality, Criteo


To ensure the quality and safety of all our LAN inventory, LinkedIn uses the MRT to evaluate publishers. It's a valuable resource across a number of metrics including invalid traffic, Pixalate advisories, inventory by region, authorized sellers and more.

Peter Turner

Peter Turner
Business Development, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

Working with Pixalate this past election cycle provided us with a level of transparency and visibility into our ad buying that we were unable to find elsewhere. Pixalate's accreditations in OTT were particularly critical to us.  Given our focus on video advertising, such validation was all the more important for reaching voters during the pandemic. The level of collaboration that Pixalate provided was critical in helping us to eliminate IVT, improve viewability, and maximize our ad spend.

Priscilla Aybar

Priscilla Aybar
Digital Director, Independent Expenditure




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