The First Independent Rating Systemfor Programmatic Advertising
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The Pixalate Rating Terminal provides RTB intelligence data that has previously never been available.
What Pixalate Rating Terminal Does
Domain Quality RatingSeller Quality RatingDomain MaskingPricing ServiceTargeting Intelligence
Contextual CategorySeller Trust IndexExchange SurveillanceTrusted SellerTrue URL
Ad ViewabilityNetwork ScoreEst. Hijacked VolumeDomain Rate CardCertified Placements
Suspicious TrafficInventory ScoreDomain Masking PercentEstimated Floor PriceIP Blocklist
Ad EngagementViewability ScoreBreakdown by DomainRec. Seller PriceDomain Blocklist
Ad ClutterFraud ScoreBreakdown by SellerRec. Ad Size Price
Social PresenceMasking Score
Brand SafetyEngagement Score
  • Publisher
    • Domain Masking Protection
    • Competitive Intelligence on Other Publishers' Performance and Pricing
    • Seller Ratings
  • SSPs and Ad Sellers
    • Protect and Prescreen Publishers Before Onboarding
    • Monitor Current Supply Quality in Real Time
    • Competitive Intelligence and Benchmarking
  • DSPs and Buyers
    • Smart Media Planning
    • Domain and Seller Ratings
    • Eliminate Obfuscated URLs from your Campaigns
    • Protect Your Network
  • Ad Networks
    • Find Sites with High Viewability and Low Fraud
    • IP and Domain Block Lists
    • Pricing Intelligence