Pixalate Security Dome Industry’s First Hardware Appliance
for Advertising Fraud Prevention
Block Fraud
Before it Reaches Your System
Security Dome blocks fraud at the perimeter of your network allowing your system to focus on business-imperative bidding and optimization activities
Deep Inspection
Security Dome operates in the perimeter network inspecting traffic at network and application layer. It evaluates the network layer and OpenRTB v2.3 compliant requests acting as a relay to your ad infrastructure.
Global Threat Intelligence
Security Dome is continually synced with data feeds from the Global Fraud Threat Intelligence Cloud. Corresponding data intelligence is based on more than 100 billion programmatic impression, 15 million domains and 350 million IPs evaluated monthly.
Leveraging Pixalate's Fraud Threat Intelligence suite was key in removing fraudulent impressions and publishers. Based on our efforts, Airpush inventory quality is now among the best in the industry.
Cameron V. PeeblesChief Marketing Officer, Airpush

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Fraud Threat Intelligence Platform
Prevent fraud before it reaches you system, outside of your network